In vivo Oxygen Imaging Workshop 2017

Oxygen Workshop 2017 flyer

Oxygen Workshop 2017 agenda and information.

Lecture 1. Howard Halpern. Quantitative functional imaging of tumors: can this direct radiation dose distribution in tumors and enhance therapeutic ratio?

Lecture 2. Boris EpelThe principles of EPR Oxymetry and Image Acquisition. EPR Imaging Methodology.

Lecture 3. Boris EpelTumor oxygen-guided radiation therapy.

Lecture 4. Boris EpelImage registration.

Lecture 5. Boris EpelClose look at EPR imaging instrumentation.

Lecture 6. Boris EpelBeyond oxygen. EPR Imaging of pH and GSH.

Lecture 7. Zhiwei Qiao. Optimization-based image reconstruction.

Lecture 8. Mrignayani Kotecha. Tissue Engineering applications.

Lecture 9. Mrignayani Kotecha. From lab to clinic.

MATLAB toolbox
Registration guide

Dataset 1. Loaded images
Dateset 2. Segmented images
Dataset 3. Registered data