Radiation Oncology Residency

Our ACGME-certified program offers a comprehensive residency program in radiation oncology from PGY2 through PGY5. Approximately three slots are open for new residents per year. Applications are accepted through the AAMC Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Medical Physics

In conjunction with the Department of Radiology, we sponsor a CAMPEP-accredited graduate program. Additionally, we offer a two-year residency program for graduates of CAMPEP-accredited courses of study. Graduates of other physics-related programs are also eligible to apply.

Medical Student Clerkships

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine students and visiting students can complete a 4 week clinical rotation in the department.  Visiting students should apply through the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS).

Affiliated Programs

Radiation therapy students at University of St. Francis (Joliet, IL) have the option of completing a clinical internship in our department. We have a variety of cutting-edge equipment available for training.